SOL Networks Customer focused strategy
The increasing popularity of digital interactions means that Customer Support in SOL Networks will redefine its own value.

One of the biggest challenge for any contact center is going to be managing multiple customer interactions across multiple channels while giving the customer a seamless experience. For this reason our Customer Service is the logical home of the customer journey. We have been working and will continue in looking for technology that allows us to define a seamless multichannel journey that can be adapted in real time, without having to go through the IT department. A supervisor or team leader can easily create rules, automations etc. that will take place immediately adapting to business requirements.

One of the key points would be to adopt cloud technology. This is the best variant due to its multichannel functionality and future-proofing capabilities. Having reliable partners that can provide a stable service with at least 99.9% SLA is something we implement.

We have moved from the traditional support (Email, Chat, Phone) to Social Media support. New apps and social networks are launched almost every day. WhatsApp is a great example of a channel that's taken off rapidly and is becoming a popular choice for customer service. That's why our team has also included this channel together with FB and coming soon Twitter. We consider, that we will gain a competitive advantage by using messaging apps to improve the service. We need to be whenever the client is, making of the journey a pleasant one.

Other technologies that we have been applying is the Speech Analytics. We are highly focused in customer journey. It's really important for SOL Networks to raw data from our clients calls. This way we will be improving the customer experience.

One of the tendencies of the last year is moving clients from one channel to another. Channel shifting to get the client to the best place and assist them properly is the priority. We try to guide our clients to the most comfortable room to fix, their issues, clarify their doubts or even show them the fastest way to contact us.

We have introduced an app that let our clients to hang up but retain their place in a queue during busy hours. We have minimized the amount of abandoned calls to zero making sure that all the clients that tried to contact us are timely assisted.

In our plans we have the sentiment and emotion measurements. By knowing and recording the mood customers are when they phone us, it will help us gauge our performance.

Despite the technology is undoubtedly taking a leading position when we serve our clients, we do see that still our clients want a human touch. That's where our VIP support team makes the magic movements to surprise and please our clients.

We are of course focusing in automation. What we want with this is to guarantee that customers have their enquiries answered promptly. Freeing the time of the agents and using technology is giving us great results. Sometimes a 5 seconds task may consume hours that we should dedicate to our beloved clients.

We have been investing in apps that can be easily integrated. Some great apps can take care of tasks that when combined are the best you can imagine to help our affiliates.

Of course one of the best tasks ever performed this year was the creation of our help center. Many client prefer self-service. Getting an answer without even contacting Customer Support is priceless for both the company and the customer.

This next year we plan to take our Customer Support to the highest level in the industry. This is a totally achievable goal that Sol Networks is making a reality every day.